My background

Mission Statement

“Create a massive value to every client that I work with to ensure

great service and highest quality possible.”

I have been a licensed Real estate agent since 2006 and have lived in Santa Clara County for over 30 years. Prior to changing my career I was designing and building network infrastructure for various tech companies throughout the Silicon Valley area while continuing my college education in the business management degree. 

My passion has always been in business development, designing, and real estate. After buying my first home in 2000 as a young couple who just started a family, I felt a sense of pride in owning a home. That's when I fell in love with the real estate transaction process and knew that is where I’ll build my lifelong career, as a Real Estate professional.

Fast forward to today, since then, I have diligently studied the market trend, educated myself in ins and outs of the industry, and have been coached by some of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the industry. My family has owned assisted living elderly care home locally since 1996 and have managed it together. I have bought, renovated, and sold single-family homes throughout the Bay Area and Las Vegas. I have bought and sold small business retail shops. I have dedicated myself to learning not only the real estate housing market but also the economic market and trend because I believe that the true American dream is to be financially independent and what better way to do that than real estate. I specialize in

creative acquisitions, negotiations, renovations, paying attention to every detail, knowing what buyers in today’s market are looking for in a home. I pride myself in giving massive value to the clients I work with by continuous education, by keeping up with what’s going on in the market, and what is the trend in the housing fashion. I have a huge network with other

professionals across the country and constantly building relationships with consumers.